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Wonderful Radio Emmeloord - DAB+

Het station waar muziek in zit!

Beste  radio medewerker,

Het is hier in Anna Paulowna heerlijk genieten van de muziek die jullie uitzenden via de M.G. 747 khz.

Er is wel enige interferentie  van een zender uit Alphen a.d.Rijn,maar door de radio-ontvanger iets te ¨draaien¨

is dit niet hinderlijk.

Gisteren (zondag) heb ik vele uren geluisterd naar de gepresenteerde programma¨s en vandaag naar de non-stop muziek.

Het is vooral deze muziek keuze die ik erg waardeer,want de platen uit de jaren 60-tig en begin 70-tig zijn op andere

radio zenders nog maar sporadisch te beluisteren!

Daarnaast heeft deze M.G. zender een hele mooie modulatie.

Het enigste wat nog ontbreekt zijn de nieuwsberichten op het hele uur.

Idee van mijn kant:misschien op doordeweekse dagen een Radio Emmeloord NOORD  op 747!? (zoals Radio Caroline NORTH!!)

Kortom,dit is een berichtje van een tevreden luisteraar,die hoopt dat de uitzendingen nog lang mogen doorgaan.

Veel succes ,vriendelijke groeten,     Jan Looijesteijn

                                                           Anna Paulowna.

Reception report for the Radio Emmeloord transmission on shortwaves. Dear friends from the RE! I sent to your attention reception report on reception of your transmission on shortwaves. If all details, mentioned by me are correct, I ask you to confirm this report by QSL-card. My e-mail: zavarov@eircom.net; My postal address: Andrew Kuznetsov, Talavas gatve 13-45, LV-1029 Riga, LATVIA Date of reception: October 6, 2018; Time of reception: 15.23-15.55 UTC; Program details: program in Dutch - pop-music program, include commentaries by male hosts in Dutch about this transmission + periodical e-mail promo; Frequnecy: 6095 kHz; SINPO: 34333 (weak, but audible through the atmospheric noises); Reception site: Riga, Latvia; Receiver: portable Grundig yacht Boy 400; Antenna: 75 meters long wire 20 meters above the ground; Yours sincerely, Andrew.

Hallo Ik hoor jullie vandaag in Sneek op de 846 Khz. 50% draaggolfsterkte op een wereldontvanger. Voorheen hoorde ik jullie op de 1224 Khz. Maar daar was al een tijdje geen signaal meer van jullie. Maar omdat Radio Amplivier ook op die frequentie zat hoorde ik dat door elkaar. Signaal op de 846 Khz is wel sterker. Ook hoor trouwens Radio Amplivier ook niet meer op de 1224 Khz. Jullie hebben de frequentie overgenomen van Fryskeheide ? Ik wist dat deze aan het eind van 2020 zou stoppen. Succes mvg Cees Alberts

Program details: Station name: Radio Emmeloord Country of origin: Holland ??? Language: English-Dutch Date: 02/08/2020 Time: 20.28’ (UTC) 23.28’ (local time in Greece) Program comments: The program consisted of: 20.28’ UTC: At that time, on the air was the Abba’s track “Summer night city”. 20.36’ UTC: The Tom Jones’s famous song “With these hands”. 20.47’ UTC: Male speaker announcement followed by a dance-beat song, like disco. Again, male speaker talking, at the end of the track like presenting the songs. 20.52’ UTC: Eric Clapton’s lovely ballad “Wonderful tonight”. 20.55’ UTC: Once again. a male speaker talking and another one ballad which was interrupted again by male speaker talking, a news bulletin perhaps. 21.03’ UTC: Beatles’s song “Help me”/ 21.05’ UTC: Male speaker talking presenting next song. 21.06’ UTC: Another one song. Etc…. If my reception report of your program was correct, I hope that you will send me your QSL verification card or your e-QSL which will do too. In case that you will need more program details for the verification please let me know so I can get back to you in the future. Below you will find a few technical details of my reception which I hope it will be useful to your staff. It was really fun listen to your broadcast , I learn things for sure (that’s the magic of the radio ) and I definitely would like to hear you again in the future. Till then, Best of 73’s Technical details: Frequency: 6285 KHz SINPO: 45444 QTH: Mournies ,Chania, Kreta island, Greece Coordinates: 35°29’17.70’’ N 23°57’07,22’’ E Receiver: Tecsun PL 660 Antenna: Long Wire 14 m long at 8 m above ground level Altitude: 58 m Transmitter location: Netherlands ??? Distance from receiver to transmitter: ??? km e-mail: Nektaman@yahoo.gr SWARL Callsign: SV9019SWL Address: Mr Nektarios Manousos Foteinakia,Mournies Chania 73300, Kreta Island,Greece

Hello to you Emmeloord.....very pleased to hear you test transmission today 12 July on dual shortwave frequencies 6242 khz and 3,920 khz for the past 30 minutes from 1830 to 1900 UTC. Signal was superior on 3920, but quite good on 6,242 as well -- my location is in Maryland, USA but using both Kalix, Sweden and Weston UK SDRs on the Kiwi network. Great music lineup and show so thanks for that. If you happen to have any eQSLs I would greatly appreciate it :-) and I attach some photos of the 'regular' radio shack here in Potomac, Maryland USA near Washington, DC Thanks again and stay well!

Dear radio friend! My name is Dan Olsson and I am a Swedish radio listener. The 12 of July 2020 I had the pleasure to hear Radio Emmelord from The Netherlands on 6242 kHz between 20.55-21.30 local time. Here are some details from the programme: 20.55 Music ”Time in a bottle” with Jim Croose 21.02 Music ”Jessica” with The Allman Brothers Band 21.08 Music ”Here comes my baby” with The Mavericks 21.16 Music ”The way you are” med Bruno Mars 21.23 Music ”The fool on the hill” with Sergio mendes & Brasil 66 21.26 Music ”You are the lonely” with J. D, Souther I heard Radio Emmeloord with a KIWI SDR and an ALA 100 loop antenna 8 x 330 metre. Your station was heard with the SINPO-code 4-4-4-4-4. That was nice music you played in the programme. I am 60 years old and i work as a teacher for children between 6-9 years in a public school. My interest are: listen to radio, sport and collect stamps. Best regards from Dan Olsson Högalidsvägen 71 F SE-244 36 Kävlinge SWEDEN

Hello, As my hobby is listening to distant radio stations, I was very pleased to hear your station on 6242 kHz from 1856 to 1920 UTC on July 12, 2020. The signal strength was quite OK with some atmospheric noise but no interference from other transmitters. SINPO: 3-5-3-3-3. The receiver is a Kivi SDR with an 8 x 30 meters Super KAZ-antenna and Wellbrooks FLG100LN. The location is Hököpinge about 12 km south from Malmö. Details of the transmission: 1856 “On my way back home” New Riders Of The Purple Sage. 1902 “Jessica” The Allman Brothers Band. 1904 “End of the line” The Traveling Wilburys. 1908 “Here comes my baby” The Mavericks. 1912 “The lazy song” Bruno Mars. 1916 “The way you are” Salsa Mix. I attach an MP3 recording. Thank you very much for your nice program. I hope you can identify your program through this detail. If you found my report correct I should be very glad to receive your QSL-card, a letter or an e-mail as a verification that I really have been listening to your nice and interesting station. I am 81 years old I am living in the central part of Malmö which is a city with about 340000 inhabitants located in the province Skåne in the southern part of Sweden 640 km south from Stockholm and only 30 km east of the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. I hope to hear from you soon. Best greetings. Jan Thörnblom Kiviksgatan 5 C S-214 40 Malmö Sweden E-mail address: janthornblom@hotmail.com

Dear friends. My name is Tore and Im sending you a report from Sweden. I am a retired construction worker 71 years old and living in a small village named Rydöbruk on the west coast of Sweden about 45 km north east of the city Halmstad. I have been interesting in Dx-ing since 1965 (I'm a member of the Swedish DX Federation.) I'm also interest in fishing, philately, music and gardening. It was with pleasure I recived your Radio Emmeloord July 12, 2020 on the frequency 6240 khz from 19,09-20,06 UTC. Do you use to send on shortwave or is it some Amateur relaying your program to shortwave? The signal strenght was good with only little atmospheric noice and small fading. The sinpo was on an average 45444. My receiver is an Sangean ATS 909, an ultralight receiver with big capacity. I use an L-antenna 80 meters long. I also use Shazam music identification app for identify the music. Here comes some details from the broadcast. Time in UTC. 19,09 Here Comes My Baby by The Mavericks. 19,16 The Way You Are by Salsa Mix. 19,23 The Fool On The Hill by Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. 19,30 Come Fly With Me by Sonata Latina Tribune Orchestra. 19,39 Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing by Arturo Sandoval and Prince Royce. 19,47 Fantasy by 3D Rhythm Of Life. 19,56 Last Dance by Lucy Grau. 20,06 Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. Thank you for a very good musicprogram, I like very much listen to latino music and you was playing some good melodies in your program and I hope to hear you soon again. If this report is correct I be pleased if you will send a card, letter or email as a verification of this report. With all best to you and yours. Best wishes and 73 from Tore. My adress. Tore Gunnarsson, Rydöforsvägen 11, S-31442 Rydöbruk, Sweden.

Hello Radio Emmeloord 3920 kHz / UTC: 18:35 / SINPO: 35343 / Dat: 07/12/2020 My English is not good. One request: I would like a QSL card / E-QSL or other confirmation for this report. Thanks in advance. Sometimes no reception. But that is the frequency of Radio Piepzender ?? Music: Only A Fool Would Say That / Caroline / The Promise You Made / Keep Searching / They Call the Wind Mariah / Time In A Bottle ??? / On My Way Back Home / UTC: 19:00 news ?? Music: Jessica / UTC: 19:03 strong atmospheric disturbances Music: End of the Line ??? / Here Comes My Baby / The Lazy Song / Changes / UTC: 19:25 no more reception just rushing Thanks again for the confirmation. Horst Mehrlich / 97292 Holzkirchen / Alte Str. 42 / Germany RX: Funcube pro with 15m long wire, Airspy Hf + / RSPduo / Mini Whip Stay healthy. Greetings Horst -- Gruß Horst QTH Holzkirchen-Würzburg Funcube pro / Airspy Hf+ / RSPduo / 15m Draht / Mini Whip

Kostiantyn Pravotorov , vul.Novitskoho 4-6, Zaporijja, 69035, Ukraine. kostiantynpravotorov67@yahoo.com Reception report: Date: July 12, 2020 Time: 18:50-19:20 UTC, Frequency: 6242 khz, SINPO: 45454 Receiver: SDR play RSP 1, long wire antenna 35 m Programme details: Radio Emmeloord , was logged at July 12, 2020, from 18:50 till 19:20 UTC on 6242 khz. Reception on 6242 khz by SINPO was : 45454 Signal strenght as received was strong, interference from other stations nil, the overal merit was good. Your broadcast musical programme , playing songs including at 18:50; 18:53; 18:57 UTC. At 19:00 news. At 19:02 tune; 19:04 song by George Harrison, at 19:08; 19:12; 19:16 UTC playing songs. Dear Gentlements ! Greetings from Ukraine! I have had great pleassure in logging your station and sending you my reception report trusting that you will be in a position to verefy it.Would you be kind enough to send me your QSL-card. I enclosed audio files recording your broadcast. Thanking you in advance for your reply Yours sincerely.

name = Jouni, BetaJBK City = Helsinki Country = Finland email_address = commentaar2 = Hello, your nice music selection is coming well on shortwave, 6242 kHz. Signal strength is S6-8, SINPO= 25343. Greetings, 73 ! Jouni (https://www.betajbk.com)

Reception report thank you for the fine show... I checked your signal as well via Twente sdr as via Muurame SDR in Finland... soundclips enclosed.. Happy to receive your QSL tnx a lot before hand! Yours truly Kari KAllio, Lahti Finland LAhti Radiohobbyists since 1924

Hello to you Emmeloord.....very pleased to hear you test transmission today 12 July on dual shortwave frequencies 6242 khz and 3,920 khz for the past 30 minutes from 1830 to 1900 UTC. Signal was superior on 3920, but quite good on 6,242 as well -- my location is in Maryland, USA but using both Kalix, Sweden and Weston UK SDRs on the Kiwi network. Great music lineup and show so thanks for that. If you happen to have any eQSLs I would greatly appreciate it :-) and I attach some photos of the 'regular' radio shack here in Potomac, Maryland USA near Washington, DC Thanks again and stay well!

Hello to you all, I listen to you in quite good quality on shortwave 3.920 kHz. A few minutes before you played the Radio Caroline song. Attached the reception details from my Perseus receiver. Please keep transmitting on shortwave. If you send a QSL I would be happy. Best greetings to you Rolf Tannenhauer Zeppelinstrasse 10 09116 Chemnitz Ger,any